Breathe – Stretch – Strengthen – Find Balance – Relax

Yoga classes in South Devon Village halls with teacher Guinevere Wearne.

Safe and appropriate, there is a yoga practice for everyone; for every time of life.

There is, indeed, a yoga practice for everyone at every stage of life. It is not necessary to be already young and fit before you can practice yoga.

However, it is a requirement for these classes that you should be able to get down onto the floor (and back up again!) with the help of a chair if necessary.

My training is in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. This is a holistic system which brings together practices which are effective at all levels of our being. So, for example, whilst yoga asanas (postures) are far from being simply physical exercises they are nevertheless profoundly helpful on the physical level. They help to improve strength, flexibility, balance, grace and even stamina. They can also improve the health of internal organs; having a positive impact on digestion and elimination. On a subtler level they increase self-awareness, focus and concentration. And this is just the start!